Mille una Ceramica

Le ceramiche più belle


Milleunaceramica was born from the desire to convey the beauty of the Amalfi Coast through the Amalfi Coast art par excellence: the ceramic production. Our products are not simple vases, plates, decorated glasses, they are small masterpieces one-of-a-kind.
Each one of them is designed by a local craftsman, who through his work  manages to convey the beauty of a centuries-old tradition that never ceases to fascinate the whole world.

Our style

In the shop you will find all unrepeatable pieces, hand painted on handmade pottery with the colors of our land. The shades of blue of the sea, the yellow of our lemons and the green of Vietri stand out in particular. The decorations range from classic ones such as Baroque to more imaginative ones such as the exclusive line “pacchianella”. The enamels used are the ancient ones that were also applied in the realization of the kings’ tableware.

Customized ceramics

The hands of our master craftsmen can make for you the ceramic product you want, if you give indications on the shapes and decorations you prefer. We will make the ceramic of your dreams, that recalls our sea, our land, or another fantasy that you want, to embellish your home or to make a special gift.